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Tips For Selecting The Best Milan Hotels

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Milan is one of the great cities and world famous destinations in Italy and it attracts large number of visitors from all over the world. Milan is also the center of fashion and it offers a completely different travel experience. You can also find a wide variety of accommodation in this city. Just like Rome, the choices of Milan hotels are also huge and they offer something for every budget.


Milan Hotels

The tourists who visit in Milan prefer to stay in the centers of the city due to the highly attractive sites. You can also find great accommodations in these centers. Milan is not known for its tourist centers but it is a world famous business hub.

Tips to Find the Best Accommodation in Milan

If you want to find the best hotels in Milan, you need to follow some tips. They are:

  1. The location of Hotels in Milan is highly important. If you are selecting hotels located near Metro stations, you can travel in Milan very quickly and easily.
  2. Before selecting a hotel in Milan, you should ensure that your stay in Milan is not in a national holiday. Many tourist attractions in Milan will be closed during national holidays.
  3. It is also essential to avoid visiting Milan during the periods of big Congresses. It is very difficult to get a good hotel in Milan at reasonable prices during this time.
  4. Before arriving in Milan, you should also check the websites of Milan hotels, so that you can find a best hotel as per your budget.
  5. The good hotels in Milan also have some impressive tourist information materials, free travel information and maps in various languages. These materials help you to find places in Milan very easily.
  6. If you are staying in a good hotel in Milan, you can also enjoy internet facility, which helps you to update from Milan.

Where to Stay in Milan?

  • If you are planning to stay in luxury hotels in Milan, you can find a number of deluxe and 5 star accommodations in the center of the city.
  • Milan is a historical, cultural, and business center in Northern Italy. The city consists of lots of historical districts with great sights. You can also find great 5 star hotels in these centers as well.
  • If you are planning to stay in this city for one or two days, selecting a hotel near airport is the best option. If you need to visit different destinations in different districts, select a hotel near railway station.
  • Milan is also the heart of world fashion. Most designers prefer this city to display their tremendous collections. If you prefer to see the beauty of fashion in Milan, you can stay in the fashion district.
  • If you want to know the life of Italy very closely, staying in hotels in Plazzo Reale area is the best option.
  • Milan also offers world-class cultural performance as well. Just consider to visit the most popular performances while you are in Milan.

This is also a romantic city. Therefore, a number of young couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in this city. If you are planning to enjoy your honeymoon, select the most fashionable hotels in Milan.

The basilica of San Nazaro in Brolo or San Nazaro Maggiore in Milan

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The basilica of San Nazaro in Brolo or San Nazaro Maggiore in Milan was built by St. Ambrose starting from 382 on the road that connected Milan to Rome. As the church was originally dedicated to the Apostles, it was aptly known as Basilica Apostolorum.

Ambrose himself wrote an inscription in the church explaining the fact that the church’s plan was on the Greek Cross with apses on the arms. This feature is characteristic only of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople. Standing right In front of the basilica was a porticoed atrium. The relics of the Apostles lie under the basilica’s alter.

In the Trivulzio chapel, Giangiacomo is buried between his two wives. The funeral slab has a text in Latin, which some scholars translate using the Milanese dialect: “L’è staa mai cont i man in man” (he was never inactive). The Trivulzio chapel, initiated in 1512 by Bramantino, was designed to be the mausoleum for Giangiacomo Trivulzio, a marshal in the service of Louis XII of France, and his family. The octagonal-plan chapel culminates in a dome whose segmented sides rise from the square base. Inside the church, further refurbishment was performed by Pellegrino Tibaldi, architect employed by Carlo Borromeo.

A new apse was created in 397, when the body of St. Nazarus was discovered. Serena, niece of emperor Theodosius I, donated the marbles for the sacellum housing the relics and also embellished the rest of the church.

The apse of the right arm has a portal with a false porch. The ceiling of the nave, originally consisting of wooden spans, was replaced by a groin vault during the Middle Ages. The walls are original. Later the Romanesque-style octagonal tambour, featuring a circular loggia with small columns, was added over the arms’ crossing.

Over the course of the years, the church has undergone many modifications. Today, it comprises artistic treasures from different ages.

The Museo Civico Archeologico in Milan

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Standing inside the Maggiore Monastery, the Museo Civico Archeologico displays a fascinating array of prehistoric, Greek, Etrusian, and Roman relics mostly discovered during construction projects around Milan. The collection of Roman artifacts here is extraordinary.

The museum also houses an exhibition revealing an ancient tract of Roman wall erected by the Emperor Massimiano Erculeo in 236-305 D.C. there is also a tower that survives from the Circus Maximus constructed in the 4th Century CE. Other Roman ruins and artifacts, some dating to the third millennium BC are exhibited as well. The museum also houses a book store and other amenities for visitors.

The buildings of the archeological museum are as interesting as the collections within. The initial courtyard was once the entrance to the Monastero Maggiore; and a detailed model, just past the museum’s reception, shows Milan’s Roman incarnation as Mediolanum. As such, the entire ground floor is dedicated to artefacts from this settlement with the likes of Coppa Trivulzio Diatreta from the late fourth century, a cup created from a single piece of glass, and the wonderful stone Zeus head from the first or second century.

When the tourists take a tour downstairs, they witness a stretch of Roman city walls built under Emperor Maximian in the third century and an area which exhibits a small selection of Greek artefacts. The museum also houses a Buddhist art collection from the ancient kingdom of Gandhara.

The round interior is decorated with 13th-century frescoes, including a vivid image of Jesus beaming his stigmata through the air to St Francis of Assisi.

The Museo Civico Archeologico in Milan